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  • YJF: Angel of Darkness

    The post powerful of the group, and the twin sister of Crystalia. She is also the most formidable. The pics.

    Love dis one, She is epic.

    Credit to Clever Crowe for the images.

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  • YJF: Angel of Darkness


    September 19, 2014 by YJF: Angel of Darkness

    Sup. This is the Blazing Titan Vulcanix. He is the eldest of the siblings. He can control and has a connection with the Emberhawk's at a level dwarfing his siblings. More pics!

    No more pics :(

    Credit goes to Clever Crowe for the imaging.

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  • YJF: Angel of Darkness


    September 18, 2014 by YJF: Angel of Darkness

    Sup guys. We are back with another MOC. Sentinelax!

    No more :( :( :(

    Anyway the pics belong to my friend, Clever Crowe. And his character Masamun'ael.

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  • YJF: Angel of Darkness

    Demirax. Prince of Anarchy. He is the older brother of Crystalia, yet younger brother of Vulcanix. He has a strange desire to eat Cookie Dough, which he calls Cookies. He is known for wanting to kill to get his cookies back. He is obsessed with Cookie Dough.

    That is all da pics.


    Images belong to Clever Crowe's Dominael.

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  • YJF: Angel of Darkness


    September 17, 2014 by YJF: Angel of Darkness

    Here is a MOC of mine. Crystalia! The Queen Of Frost and Ice!

    Awww :( no more pictures ;(

    Welp now for some trivia.

    The pics belong to Clever Crowe's Valkyriel MOC, yet i used them for Crystalia in her true form.

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